Thinking of Starting a Business? Here’s Why Now May Be Your Moment

Aug 24, 2021

Guest Post by Chelsea Lamb

For some people, the thought of starting a business is just too much. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, however, the massive undertaking isn’t a deterrent—if anything, it’s part of the appeal.

Running your own business takes a ton of work, energy, and commitment. However, the chance to take charge of your life and your future is well worth it.

If this sounds like you, Owl & Pen would like to help. That’s why we’re sharing this post to help you figure out whether this is your moment to get started. We understand why some potential entrepreneurs might hesitate to dive in in the wake of a pandemic, but there are more pros to the present moment than you might think. Here’s a look at what you need to know about starting a business right now.

There Are Financial Incentives

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Businesses everywhere did all they could to stay afloat during the worst of COVID-19. Unfortunately, however, many still failed. This has left serious gaps in the economy that new businesses need to fill. This might feel like a vote in favor of selfish opportunism, but new businesses will genuinely be filling a need. Cities and states cannot function as they once did if new enterprise doesn’t rise up.

It’s always smart to give your business as much legitimacy as possible when applying for this type of financing. Look into local laws to see what you’d need to do to make an LLC for your business. This will give you financial protections, as well as show potential lenders you take your company seriously.

That’s why you may be able to find financial incentives for your business. There are loans and grants available to help businesses that have struggled through the pandemic, as well as to help buoy new businesses starting in its wake.

You Have Access to Your Audience

The pandemic increased nearly everyone’s time spent online. After all, there was a span of time during which virtual connection was the only safe option for meeting with people outside of the household. Although we’ve passed that point now, our digital consumption is still up, which means that you have far easier access to your audience than you may have before.

This makes now the perfect time to start a business with a strong digital marketing foundation. With the right approach to online marketing, you can build an audience online naturally. This is best achieved through a combination of social media presence, website management, and content marketing. The right approach can allow you to establish a relationship with your audience so you’re the first business on their mind when they think of your service or product.

You Can Capture the Zeitgeist

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Businesses that began before the pandemic were building a business that had to survive a world they couldn’t have imagined. On this side of things, however, we can learn from what we’ve been through as a world. You can create a business that, from the very start, offers virtual or delivery services. You can build measures in from the beginning that will allow your business to adapt to any closures that crop up due to local outbreaks.

This isn’t just useful because it can help you navigate future obstacles to business success. It also allows you to create a business that’s informed by our collective post-pandemic needs. For example, many consumers still want to have the option to meet virtually or in person when possible. If that’s baked into your business model, you’ll be able to meet that need and give clients and customers the flexibility they’re looking for.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that there’s no perfect time to start a business. Every moment has its pros and cons, and every moment comes with risks. However, this instant in time provides a lot of benefits to people who have an idea and are ready to make it a reality. We hope this article inspires you to get your dreams started.

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