4 Reasons Copywriting Services Help Grow Your Biz

Mar 3, 2021

By Mecca Dennehy

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we wear multiple hats: boss, social media manager, copywriter…the list goes on and on. While doing everything on your own may be necessary in the beginning, soon it will be time to start building your support team.

Copywriting services should be one of the first elements to consider when you begin to grow your business. Here’s why: your website copy is one of the FIRST things your potential customers see. They’re going to make a split-second decision about whether they want to continue looking at your site. If your copy is sloppy or not compelling, they’ll click the exit button after a few seconds, and your potential sale will—poof—be gone.

Having stellar copy is a must in this online world, and hiring a copywriter is a great place to start when you want to grow your business.

Copywriters Can Write Well

Copywriter providing copywriting services

Let’s face it, we all know how to write, but not many of us know how to write WELL. That’s what copywriters are for. They take the ideas you’ve thrown onto a page and turn them into beautiful sentences that are easy to read.

Furthermore, copywriting services go beyond just getting a delivery of pretty sentences. Copywriters help clearly identify your brand and mission statement and share it with your audience.


Copywriting services meeting

If you’re preparing for a launch or need help creating an extensive resource, like a guide or eBook, you’re ready for copywriting services. The added bonus is that professional copywriters provide accountability.

Such a big task can cause overwhelm or burnout. But a professional writer can help keep things manageable. By breaking content into strategic chunks and working toward deadlines together, you can craft a final product faster and more efficiently. Additionally, hiring a copywriter for important projects gives you peace-of-mind, knowing your copy is designed to engage people.

Fresh Content

Copywriting services office

If you’ve tried your hand at writing a blog, you understand the dilemma of struggling to think of new content. If you hire a copywriter, they can bring new ideas to the table and constantly think of SEO-friendly topics for your next blog post. 

Copywriters = Time Savers

Copywriting services session

As an entrepreneur, your time is likely better spent on the nuances of your business or engaging with stakeholders, rather than writing up a social media post. Hiring a copywriter gives you more time to move your business forward. Meanwhile, your copywriter will be producing great content for your social platforms. It’s a win-win!

If you think you need copywriting services for your website or social platforms, we LOVE words and are ready to jump in on your next project! Get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute session.

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