3 Ways to Calm Your Mind and Get Down to Content Creation

Feb 2, 2021

By Caroline Tremblay

You know that feeling of total alignment, when you’re in the flow and your content creation comes together like magic? It’s exciting and tingly and usually makes me want to brew another cup of tea. It’s the experience of words and ideas coming through before it even feels like you’ve thought them. 

But as someone who thinks a lot about thinking, it’s also easy for me to get stuck in a rut. Once my mind starts future-tripping, things get clunky, and I feel frustrated that I can’t find immediate answers. 

For instance, when there’s a story to tell, but I can’t find a way “in,” I feel that frustration. Or if there’s too much going on outside me (literal noise near my office space or “noise” from the world at large), I know I need to take a hot second to get calm before I hit the keyboard.

Honestly, it just makes more sense to (re)find that flow instead of having an argument with every word I try to get down on the page. If your flow often flits off to the place where muses hang out and listen to new EPs together, I hope you’ll find these calming ideas useful.

Take Mushrooms…No Seriously

One thing I’m thankful for about the last crazy year of this pandemic is my discovery of ashwagandha. You may already know about this anxiety-taming, mind-clearing resource, but it’s fairly new to me, and it’s been a gamechanger.

Progress Not Perfection with Content Creation

Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb classified as an adaptogen, which means it helps the body handle stress. It’s a go-to for herbal specialists in the know, like Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, an internationally recognized expert in natural medicine.

I began drinking an ashwagandha blend from Apothekary, aptly named Chill the F*** Out, as a replacement for an evening glass of wine, and the results have been maddening. Why? Because it makes such a huge difference, I wish I’d done it WAY sooner.

The blend also contains Reishi mushrooms, another powerful stress reducer. I mix this into a latte with chamomile tea and a tiny bit of agave and milk and I’m set. Reishi is also known for its ability to boost the immune system, aid in healthier sleep, and lower cortisol levels. 

I can attest to both the instant relief sipping a warm cup brings, as well as the longer-term impacts. I wake up clearer, more focused, and ready to check things off my content creation list. 

Whether you’re looking to relieve stress, cut back on alcohol, or just add something lovely to your evening routine, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Meditate to Create (Even If You Always Tell People You Can’t)

Another practice I’ve committed to this year is daily meditation. It’s something I’ve dabbled in many times, as far back as high school, when my English teacher took our small, disillusioned class to visit a labyrinth in a stone church.

In recent years, I’ve tried to revisit it as an add-on to my yoga practice or to go along with some quick-fix mindful breathing. But it never quite fit…until now. Truthfully, I found myself grasping for any stress-relieving ideas mid-pandemic and came back around to meditation through a book.

At first, May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein felt a little bit out there. But chapter by chapter, there was a lot more depth than I had accounted for. The best part was, the reading (which is my jam) was paired with audio guided meditations (which were outside my comfort zone). 

Patience with Content Creation

After reading, listening, and journaling my way through the entire book, I’ve now latched onto several of the guided mediations that I go to daily. I listen in the shower, during that afternoon slump we all hit, and again in the dark before sleep. 

The gentle guidance keeps me focused, helps me tune into whatever is most relevant for me in the moment, and best of all, it gets me back in the flow fast. I’m looking forward to exploring my practice more and discovering new ways it will influence my content creation. But right now, the calm it brings when I commit to it, is something I’m so grateful for.

Open Sky = Open Mind

This last one seems like a no-brainer but not in the dead of winter. Here, in New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region, the thermometer didn’t even make it up to the double digits this weekend. I’m a four-season kind of girl, but that weather just makes me unmotivated. 

And so does staying inside ALL the time. When it gets this cold, I get lazy. I’m not into putting on all the clothes in the universe to take a 10-minute walk before I start to write. It doesn’t feel like there’s a big enough return.

But oh, there is. I learn this lesson again and again on a cycle of about every three weeks. I get out of the walking rhythm, decide I’ll just get right down to business, and suddenly, you can almost hear the content creation screech to a halt. 


So remember, no matter how cold or windy it gets, the air outside your door, the steadiness of the trees, and the icy dirt beneath are all grounding. If you want to find your flow, nature is calling.

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