Local Inspo for Stronger Branding this New Year

Jan 4, 2021

By Erin Scollans

Hannah Woodward is a woman of many talents. Not only was she deemed Best Colorist in the Greater Keene Area in 2019, but she owns her own salon in downtown Keene, Amethyst Hair Artistry. It’s aptly named for the amethyst logo Hannah carried over from her long-standing personal brand.

“The properties of amethyst—positivity, healing, creativity and confidence—have always been something that attracted me to the stone,” said Hannah. “That’s the vibe I want to create in my salon atmosphere and give to my clients.”

And that is precisely what she does by infusing her brand into every square inch of her business. Step inside the salon and you’ll find deep, complimentary colored walls illuminated by an array of twinkling lights. Thriving plants and chic works of art deftly signal that the place is on-trend, yet has its own spiritual spin. Together, the details are simultaneously welcoming and relaxing from the moment you walk through the door.

It is clear Hannah has put a tremendous amount of hard work into crafting a salon that accentuates her personality, as well as her talent as a hairstylist, artist, and storyteller. That’s the part we word nerds love the most, her ability to carry her brand through to even her social media content, which she creates entirely herself. 

The same trendy, cozy, and unique personality of the salon beams through Hannah’s strong online presence, which showcases perfectly quaffed styles, cuts, and color change-ups that make followers swoon.

Hannah firmly believes that social media is an excellent way to emphasize the magic hairstylists can create with a client in the salon chair. “I always want to make sure customers feel their best. No one wants to leave the salon ‘unfinished,’” Hannah says. 

Whether it be on Facebook or Instagram, potential customers see that reflected in her crisp photography and gorgeous final shots.

Putting in 100% effort goes a long way when it comes to running a business in the beauty industry. The total attention to detail, intimate tone, and exceptional work presented on the salon’s social media let people know this is a hair experience they must have. 

Social media tips from Hannah:

  • Caption posts with a problem-solving tip involving your business
  • Provide an educational fun fact or maybe a special promotion every once in a while
  • Make sure the photography looks professional so it will be taken seriously, (and be sure it relates directly to your post)
  • Be real! Be authentic! People love that – just don’t forget to keep it professional at the same time

Just a few blocks over on Emerald Street, is another small biz & brand we can’t get enough of: Mudita Massage & Wellness. Owners Kat and Aaron opened their doors in 2018, shortly after becoming certified massage therapists; Kat is a yoga instructor, as well.

Some people thought opening their own studio was a risky choice, but the power team experienced a warm welcome in town thanks to their hard work and the support of an enthusiastic yoga and massage community. 

“‘Mudita’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘finding joy in the success of others or delighting in the wellbeing of others,’” Kat explains. “This pretty much hit the nail on the head for us as far as our work goes; we try to embody the quality of mudita all around.”

With a smaller space to work with (fitting anywhere from 8-10 students at a time), coziness and comfort radiate throughout the studio. The simple, attractive layout welcomes anyone and everyone, accentuated by a lively array of plants and vines that drape effortlessly along the walls, giving the studio a grounded, earthy feel. 

Kat has always been a fan of blues and oranges together, so a friend of hers suggested finding color inspiration for the space in Frida Kahlo’s courtyard. The bold array of colors, flora, and fauna found there were a bit atypical for a wellness business.

Studios often stick with more traditional, muted colors. But Kat decided to run with it, resulting in a totally unique energy. One of the standout elements is a deep blue accent wall illuminated with Mudita’s rich orange mountain/moon logo. 

The mountain/moon has both masculine and feminine qualities that appeal to Kat and Aaron, as well as celestial properties that pertain to the message they want to convey as a business. A great example of a personal, yet clean and evocative branding choice. 

While Kat and Aaron don’t claim to be experts when it comes to building an online presence, the two present an informative and intriguing voice on their social pages

They do all their social and website management themselves, incorporating those very symbolic colors and images into every post. By employing clean, simple lines, minimal text, and faithfully using the same font, their messages come through undistracted and keep the brand consistent.

Some tips from Kat and Aaron on social media branding:

  • Know the hex codes for your brand colors so you’re truly consistent and not trying to pick a color that’s “close enough” (a style guide can be invaluable)
  • Let things evolve as organically as you can! Keep it simple, less is more.
  • Find two or three colors and one or two fonts, and use them all consistently. Stick to them! 
  • Explore user/budget friendly design platforms, like Canva, if you’re regularly creating content.

In a year that has proved immensely challenging for so many small operations, these two local businesses have stayed creative, and it shows in the strength of their brands. 

Need some fresh inspiration for your own social? Look no further than the posts from your favorite local businesses. What do you love about their content? How could you give it your own spin?

And if you need help, this is the stuff we LOVE! Crafting content that resonates with your voice and messaging is our specialty. We would be honored to learn more about your brand and how we might support your small business’ presence. 

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