Put simply...We LOVE Words.
Let us Find the right ones for you. 

We like to keep it simple: affordable rates, one-on-one collaboration, and clean, polished content. 

​Most importantly, every piece of content we create focuses on meeting the needs of your target audience and enhancing their lifestyle.

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Let's find your favorite words.

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Let's find your favorite words.

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Erin Scollans

Outdoorswoman and down-to-earth storyteller with a great sense of style for the written word.


Erin Girouard
M. Ed.

Musician, educator, & writer with excellent wit and a strong intuitive approach.

Writer/Social Media Specialist 

Caroline Tremblay


Lady boss, wordsmith, and nature lover who is language savvy and enthusiastic about building small biz & community success.

the team

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We've had lots of stuff written about us over the years.

it doesn't happen too often that someone gets the facts right, tells the story accurately and does it in an engaging and fun way.

YOU DID IT! and many thanks.

-Fat Toad Farm