How Can I Become a Freelancer? Tips and Tricks for Working from Home

Jan 19, 2022

Guest Post by Christopher Haymon of Adulting Digest

You’re not alone if you’ve ever thought to yourself, How can I become a freelancer? Millions of people have discovered the benefits that come with setting their own schedule and working from home, including low startup costs and the ability to choose the work they take on.

There are a few things to take into account, however, such as how you’ll get work done even with distractions at home or how to set up a workspace in an apartment. If you’re ready to become self-employed, follow these tips for figuring out the legalities involved, creating an office that works, and much more.

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Cover the Legalities First

When starting a business, one of the first things you want to do is make sure you’re covered to prevent issues down the road. If you live in an apartment or rental, it means you’re at the mercy of your landlord for most things, and running a home-based business is no exception. Talk to the property owners to make sure you have their approval and that the area you live in is zoned for conducting business.

Once you have the go-ahead or if you already own your home, do some reading on what it takes to create a Limited Liability Company or LLC. This is a widely-utilized method of protection for freelancers and other small business owners because it allows for a separation of personal and professional finances, and because it offers tax benefits. Read up on the regulations for starting a business in NH and follow the required steps to the letter to avoid any problems. Keep in mind that you can save money on attorney’s fees by filing the LLC paperwork yourself.

Look for Legit Opportunities

Once you have the legalities worked out, it’s time to start looking for legitimate work opportunities.

Looking for a relatively easy answer to the question: How can I become a freelancer with little experience? It’s simple; do what you know.

Freelancing can integrate your knowledge with various business needs, from writing copy to designing websites. The key is to assess your skills and look for companies whose goals align with yours.

There are often many work-from-home opportunities posted on job sites that contain vague wording and promise high pay for no experience; these are typically red flags. Comb through listings carefully, and always research a company before sending in your resume.

Set Up Your Workspace

Working from home can be a dream come true if you’ve spent ages pondering: How can I become a freelancer? But it can also create many challenges that aren’t present in an office environment, especially if you live in an apartment with limited room. Once you have your first job lined up, you’ll want a workspace that provides privacy and limits distractions, so take steps to get organized and set boundaries that will help you stay focused.

These might include talking to family members about interruptions or keeping your office door closed to shut out noise and the sight of chores that need to be done. You can also check out the resources here, at Owl & Pen, which offer various business and lifestyle tips for freelancers.

Achieve Solid Work/Life Balance

It can be challenging to create boundaries when you work from home, but it’s essential if you want to have good work/life balance. Set limits for your work time, as it can be extremely easy to keep working well into the evening when your desk is just a few feet away and there are things to wrap up.

Make it a point not to answer work calls or emails after a certain time of day; once your personal time starts, it’s much healthier to keep business out of it. You’ll also want to ensure that your business and personal finances are kept separate; keeping immaculate financial records will not only give you peace of mind, it will come in handy when tax time rolls around.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

You might be asking, How can I become a freelancer when there’s so much competition? While there are many people who have become freelancers over the past several years, this doesn’t mean you can’t carve out your very own piece of the proverbial pie.

By learning how to market your services via social media, asking satisfied customers for online reviews, and understanding what your customers are looking for, you can stand out among the crowd. There will certainly be a few bumps in the road during this time, but stick with it — the end result is well worth the effort.

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