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There’s Lots to Love about Being a Freelance Content Creator

Jul 17, 2023

Written by Nathan Bagster

For some people, the regular 9-5 just won’t cut it.

We need the room to be creative, schedule to do the things we want to – WHEN we want to do them, and honestly, control our own income. And that isn’t something you’ll find at the average job.

Thankfully, there are freelance careers out there, like being a content creator, that allow you to be your own boss and live your own life.

And there is just something about that feeling we love.

Freelancing = Freedom

As a content creator, there is no need for time travel. If you have a special event, chores, or just want to read a book during the day, you can!

Freelancing gives you the unique ability to set your own schedule. So you can corral whatever ducks you have that day, into whatever row you want. Just ask our local Content Manager, Sonja Bolton. She’s breathing new life into a heritage family farm while working from home:

Garlic from Centre Farm

“Freelancing feeds my drive to build my own career while allowing me the flexibility to live my life. As a content manager and farmer, my days are dictated by the weather. When I am driven indoors by the weather, my focus is supporting my clients, researching their goals, and fostering creativity. 

When the farm chores need my attention, I am always writing or crafting content strategies in my head on the go. It’s the best of both worlds and pretty darn efficient.” – Sonja Bolton, B.S., Content Manager at Owl and Pen, Founder of SJB LLC Content Creation, and Owner of Centre Square Farm.

Define Your Own Dollars

In traditional jobs, you’re paid strict wages based on the company’s pay scale. But content creators are paid directly by their clients.

That means you can set your own rates, make special bundles, and adjust your terms as you invest in new skills and tools. This allows you to earn as much as you’re able to handle. But remember the quality of your work should always come first. Be wary of taking on more work than you’re able to perform and perform well.

Creativity in the Workspace & Community

As a Freelance content creator, depending on your particular skill set and the clients you find, you have a license to get pretty creative.

One of the great things about that is being able to engage with your local community on another level. You can collaborate with other freelancers and even support other small businesses within your network.

The Monadnocker Pop-Up Fall 2022

Owl & Pen’s Owner and Content Director, Caroline Tremblay, has been doing this for almost a decade now. This is how she’s come to feel about the work:

“What I enjoy most about the freelancer lifestyle is how spicy it is! Every day is different; each new story we get to tell is an important one. And I think that always keeps me learning, which is what I love to do.

I’d also have to say that in recent years, collaboration has been a lot of fun. Owl & Pen has become a stronger part of the local arts community and has built a network of talented writers we rely on. It’s exciting to be a small business that’s part of something much bigger.”

Think About It…

These are just a few examples of things we love about being freelance content creators. Of course, there are MANY more. But as with anything good, there are challenges, too. As an article on freelancing from Shutterstock put it: “You have more flexibility than those in permanent employment, but that liberty comes at the price of complete responsibility.” 

It can be hectic when clients are busting down the door (a good problem to have!). But the feeling of mastering a fun assignment and having the freedom to choose what comes next, can’t be beaten!

If you think becoming a freelancer is up your alley or you are in need of copywriting services for your website or social platforms, let’s get a coffee (virtual or in-person). Get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute coffee session and start writing the next part of your story. 

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