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Time for a Brand Refresh?

Feb 2, 2020

Mood Board for Brand Refresh

By Caroline Tremblay

Over the last five years, I’ve collaborated with all sorts of AMAZING small biz clients to help them launch, hone, and grow meaningful online presences.

Many of them came to us with stories of having built their businesses for years or even decades. And finally, something innate told them it was time to make things real, to invest the time and energy their brands deserved.

Each time, I wondered: How did they know the time was right? I’ve recently discovered, you just feel it. Simple as that.

Time to Celebrate

Owl & Pen turns five this year, and what started as a basic content service has expanded into so much more. From web design to social media to magazines, this little biz has gone places I never could have imagined.

In the meantime, I’ve added two tiny humans to my family, new team members to the biz, and new skills that make my role at Owl & Pen more intriguing and engaging every day.

️While life might be a little hectic, it’s filled with so many AWE-some things that make me both thankful and honored to live the writer’s life.

That’s how I know it’s time—time for Owl & Pen to evolve as much as I have, so we’ve completed a total brand refresh. I hope you feel this moment with as much excitement as I do.

Take a Look

Without further ado, please enjoy exploring our brand-new website and get in touch to learn more about all our dynamic team has to offer. Here’s to another five years and many after that!

With Gratitude and Excitement,

Caroline and the Owl & Pen Team

P.S. Considering a brand refresh yourself? We’re experimenting with the idea of a user-friendly guide based on our own experience. Something you might be interested in? Leave us a comment and let’s get connected!

  1. I’ve worked with Caroline both with my own business, Terrapin Glassblowing Studio but also with the Monadnock Travel Council. She is a pleasure to work with! She writes amazing content that comes across in just the manner that you need for your project.
    Congratulations on achieving the five year mark and I love the new logo!

  2. Caroline Tremblay says:

    Thank you SO much for your kind words! It’s been wonderful to collaborate with you, too :). Looking forward to more fun projects to come. I feel lucky to live/work in a community of so many INSPIRING small business owners đź’—.

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