By Nathan Bagster In the digital era, social media has become the lifeblood of marketing strategies for businesses and individuals alike. A well-executed social media campaign can work wonders if you’re aiming to promote a product or service or simply boost your online presence. However, diving headfirst without a solid plan can lead to wasted […]

Together with tons of area businesses and Amiba (The American Independent Business Alliance) and our sister-business, The Monadnocker, we are choosing black-owned businesses and celebrating the diversity that makes the Monadnock Region such a wonderful place to live. Get inspired with this blog by Amiba: Why Celebrate Choose Black-Owned Month? Spotlight Black-Owned Independents One study […]

by Christopher Haymon of Adulting Digest Personal growth is a lifelong journey that can bring immense satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment. It involves developing new skills, overcoming challenges, and transforming various aspects of your life. This can be especially important for freelancers and solopreneurs, especially if you work from home. It’s easy to feel isolated when […]

by Ryan Cashman, Writer The answer to the question posed by the title of this blog is actually pretty simple. But, like all simple answers, it is not always easy to achieve. The answer? Yes, freelance writing and modern homesteading can absolutely align for the life that you want. Here’s the addendum: IF that is […]

by Guest Writer, Christopher Haymon of Adulting Digest If you’re a small business owner, it’s important to define your brand. This requires more than simply addressing visual components like your logo. You also want to consider the values that define your brand. According to a recent Harris Poll, 82 percent of consumers consider brand values […]

By Nathan Bagster of Nathan Bagster Freelancing Running a business comes with countless struggles—finances, staffing, life—the list goes on. The truth is, when something throws you off your game in one part of your business, something else is likely to fall through the cracks. For many businesses, blogging and social media are often the lowest […]

by Founder and Content Director Caroline Tremblay Two babies, a small business, and a pandemic later, I finally got to attend Keene, New Hampshire’s Radically Rural summit for the first time. I have written about this event locally, had articles about its key themes published nationally, and generally told everyone I know they should go. […]

by Guest Writer, Christopher Haymon of Adulting Digest Securing a mortgage is a personal aspiration of many who are want the security of owning their own home. For freelancers or contractors, the journey to homeownership can be a bit more complicated, but not impossible. Here are some resources to help you buy the home of […]

Being a freelance content creator allows you to be your own boss and live your own life. There’s just something we love about that feeling.

Guest Post by Christopher Haymon of Adulting Digest Financial setbacks can be discouraging, if not devastating. So you might wonder how in the world you have what it takes to start a business afterward. But here’s the thing: Failure and mistakes can teach you a lot and help you build the resilience necessary to be […]